How to choose diamond powder for diamond segment

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Diamond is the most important material in the diamond segment and the core material of the entire segment. Even the entire diamond segment is designed to maximize the cutting benefits of diamond, so diamond is the most important material for the diamond segment.

There are three points in the selection and application of diamonds, let's take a closer look below:

The first point is the size of the diamond particles. The size of the diamond particles is very important. Choosing a large diamond is generally more expensive. However, because the diamond is large, the segment cutting is also very sharp. When cutting stone, the wear resistance will be better. At present, manufacturers in South Korea, Italy and other countries use large-grain diamonds to produce segments, while most of the domestic cutter head manufacturers use small and medium-sized diamonds, which saves costs and can also be used with different binders to adapt to more cutting objects. . Through diversification to subdivide the market and continuously promote the improvement of segment technology, the current domestic diamond segment head technology has gradually matured.

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The second point is the strength of diamond particles. Diamond is an irregular element, especially synthetic diamond. The strength of the product can be arbitrarily adjusted. At present, high-strength products are mostly used for good diamond segments in foreign countries with good binders. Large particles give the segment a good life and sharpness, which is expensive. The diamond segment in China mostly uses medium-hardness diamonds, combined with medium-hard metal binders, and uses larger-grained diamonds, which can effectively reduce costs. Due to the use of interlayer and other technologies in Chinese segments, cutting efficiency and cost performance are comparable to foreign excellent segment.

The third point is that the diamond density and the above two points help each other. When choosing diamonds, consider the actual application. If you cut super-hard stone, you need to use smaller diamonds, but the diamond strength should be high, and the diamond concentration should be higher. high. Conversely, if you cut soft stone, you should choose large-grain diamonds, high-strength diamonds, with a smaller concentration. It can also be combined with the abrasiveness and density of the stone to comprehensively judge and design the formula of the segment.

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Diamond segment are very strict in the material selection process, especially diamond. Considering the gap between my country's diamond bond technology and foreign countries, integrating domestic superior resources and continuous development will become the core competitiveness of China's diamond industry in the future.

Linxing has a rich product line of diamond segment. At present, the combination of large, medium and small particles of diamond and metal bond can achieve about 90% of the foreign high-quality segment, and the price is only 60% of theirs. It is very worth choosing The diamond segment brand.